T-Shirts, Gifts & Ideas for a Stag Night, or Hen Do

Preparing for a wedding can be an exciting time for everyone involved, but as much of a priority as the location might be given; it’s also worth thinking about what each guest will be wearing. Some stag nights will consist of a group of men having a laugh over a few pints, and the same can be said for hen dos (albeit with a different location and maybe an alternative drink selection).

If you’re keen to make your special event as unique as possible, then take a look at these three great gift ideas.

Printed t-shirts

You should never underestimate the power of custom-printed t-shirts, especially where a stag or hen night is concerned. Not only can these unique items of apparel help to bring a group together – they can be as humorous, iconic, or memorable as you want! From having nicknames printed, all the way to including your very own graphics and designs; there’s no limit on how much fun can be had with printed shirts.

Matching hats

What better way to complement a set of shirts than by picking up a few matching hats to boot? From the elaborate to the stylish, one of the best ways to bring a group of celebrators together is by ensuring that they all match – and hats can be as funny as they are enjoyable to wear. Personally, we’d suggest those huge, Abraham Lincoln types (albeit in a furry, coloured format for extra laughs).

Learner’s permits

Now this is somewhat of a tradition for brides to be – and sometimes their bridesmaids. By sticking a learner’s icon on a piece of string and then handing it over to the person due to get married, you’ll be having a laugh well into the early hours of the morning. It will be her last night as an unmarried woman, so celebrate it with as much excitement and laughter as possible!