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Our Gift Hampers are especially designed to bring pleasure to your family and friends. Christmas will soon be here so now is a good time to arrange those Christmas Surprises. Of course we cater for all Holidays and Festive occasions so use our services often and we will supply those pleasant surprises on your behalf. We take a personal interest in your gift order to ensure your complete satisfaction with your odered gift hamper.  All prices include VAT.
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If a number of hampers are ordered for the same delivery address, a refund for part of the carriage will be made.

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At Cartwright & Butler we also design and pack wholesale chocolate gift hampers for shops and Incentive trades.

Among our clients are top High Street names in the UK. We now offer a special selection of theme gift packs and gift hampers designed with YOU in mind available here only.
All prices include VAT.

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Food Gift Hamper:
Featuring the famous CARTWRIGHT AND BUTLER brand foods, available now in exclusive pack form and a gift hamper makes and ideal gift or present.

Celebration Gift:
Anniversary and Seasonal packs with foods, another gift for “Those Special” people:
See our famous Luxury Christmas Hampers and Gifts. These with our specially picked items will be remembered for a very long time and are especially suitable as new-born baby hampers.

Fragrance Gift:
Refreshingly different packs with renowned names such as ELIZABETH FRENCH
and headlining a range of candles including beautiful STONE CROW.

Specialty Gift:
For all seasons have a look around our store there are lots of specialty products with some unusual ideas designed to please friends and loved ones. We cater for business gifts, executive gifts with our food hampers.

Delicious Foods From Norfolk:
It is quite a long step from the modest beginning in 1981 when the first home-made jams were produced and sold locally, to the picture today where a whole range of fine foods are distributed Worldwide. The original objective of making quality foods using special recipes, which capture the honest country flavour of the very finest English products has been held onto and Jealously guarded throughout those years. Cartwright and Butler foods contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colourings and are carefully made in small batches to preserve the whole fruit appearance and flavour.

The product range is now wide: Chutneys, Relishes and Pickles are made from a mixture of fruit and/or vegetables, cooked with vinegar and spices to preserve them, the main difference between them being one of texture. Only crisp, fresh fruit and vegetables are used. Chutneys and relishes are usually served as an accompaniment to hot and cold foods,

Cartwright and Butler:
also promote their products as a basis for all types of cooking such as flavourings for sauces and marinades. All are produced using cyder vinegar and raw cane sugar.

is a traditional mixture of dried fruits in alcohol and sugar. Traditionally used as a pie filling, it is equally good heated up for use as a sauce over ice-cream. Ours was the only mincemeat awarded 5 stars in the Sunday Times ‘Tried and Tasted’ section, and was voted ‘The Best’.

are made either fine or coarse cut, and Cartwright and Butler have five varieties of this essential part of breakfast. The company also produces five preserves and are particularly proud of their Lemon Curd – a perfect example of this very English product.

The selection of Pure Butter Biscuits and Shortbread, made to traditional recipes, are immensely popular.

Other products include Wholegrain Mustards, Bouquet Garnis, Seasoning Salts, Mulling Spices, Brandy Butter, Cranberry Sauce and individual Christmas Puddings.

The Three Fruits Marmalade contains Lemon, Oranges and Grapefruits. Only made from fresh fruit. It is wonderfully delicious and refreshing. Vintage and Dark Breakfast with Whisky are made unrefined dark sugar, and these are kept to mature before being put into stock.

All Cartwright and Butler Marmalades are made with just fruit and sugar.
No preservatives, artificial flavours or colour are used.

These preserves are definitely for special occasions.

There are five types:

Raspberry preserve an essentially English preserve with a fine delicate flavour.

Blackberry and Lemon. The combination of lemons and cultivated blackberries produces a uniquely flavoured preserve that is full of fruit with a fresh, tangy taste.

Strawberry, the most popular of all preserves. Hold it up to the light and whole strawberries clearly show. It tastes even better than it looks with just a faint tang of lemon to make it the perfect preserve.

Lemon Curd, this very English preserve is made with whole eggs, dairy butter and lots of lemon juice. Try putting it into little tartlets, mixing it with whipped cream or spooning it over ice-cream and sponge cakes.

There are more variations on the theme of mustards than any other condiment. The Cartwright and Butler range of mustards is very varied. The combination of brown and yellow mustard seeds with a unique flavouring of herbs and spices and chilli vinegar, produces a superb range of wholegrain mustards. They can be used as bases for sauces or dressings as well as for the ordinary uses.

Natural sea salt crystals are the best form of salt for cooking with regard to quality of flavour. Combined with a unique blend of herbs and spices, they produce a very useful range of Seasoning Salts, they may be sprinkled directly onto the meat or fish, or combined in marinade to give a very special sauce.