Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate Gift Ideas For Chocolate Lovers

Few things are loved with more passion and intensity than chocolate. Used as gifts for numerous holidays like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and many more, chocolate is revered by cultures worldwide. When it comes time to find that perfect gift idea for that hard-to-buy person in your life, consider one of the following chocolate gift ideas.

Chocolate Bouquets

Yes, chocolate bouquets are indeed a thing! Bouquets have evolved from the traditional bunch of flowers to include fruit, food items, and for our purposes: chocolate. Chocolate gift bouquets can be made to look like a traditional floral bouquet or can be made completely over the top to resemble Christmas trees, wreaths, topiary trees, hearts, or baskets. Chocolate bouquets can be constructed from a single chocolate type for that person who has a distinctive favourite, or it can include a variety of chocolate types and treats. Chocolate bouquets are also a great alternative to people with allergies who can’t enjoy flowers, or people with pets who find that floral arrangements are quickly destroyed or knocked over.

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolate-lovers appreciate all things chocolate, and gourmet and flavored hot chocolate definitely fits into that category. There is no shortage of hot chocolate flavors from classic to dark, mint, cinnamon, gingerbread: you name it. A lovely basket brimming with a variety of hot chocolates makes a fabulous gift for any occasion. Include some mugs and fancy stir sticks, and you have a unique and tasty chocolate-themed gift any chocolate fan would enjoy.

Chocolate-Making Kit

Some of the best gift ideas, especially for those that seem to have everything, are those that give the person an experience. A true chocolate-fan could enjoy the experience of making their own chocolate with a chocolate-making kit. Many of the chocolate-making kits available come with everything you need to make chocolate at home: cocoa butter, confectioner’s sugar, cocoa powder, paper candy liners, starter crystals, and a temperature indicator to tell you when it’s done. This would make a truly memorable and unique gift for any chocolate-lover.

Unusual Chocolate Items Gift Basket

With this gift idea, you can truly test just how deep the person’s love of chocolate goes. Assembling a gift basket of unusual chocolate-covered items can provide a good laugh as well as a unique taste experience. Nowadays, common chocolate-covered items does not just include the typical nut and fruit variety. Chocolate-covered bacon, potato chips, pickles, jalapeños peppers, espresso beans, edamame beans, crickets, onions, lemons, beef jerky, scorpions, and cheerios are some of the latest and greatest in chocolate-covered food item trends. While not everyone would be thrilled to try all of these items, it would most certainly create some laughs and entertaining memories.

A History of Chocolate Book

Chocolate, also known as ‘the food of the gods’, has had a long and fascinating history. Chocolate’s history can be traced back as far as 3,000 years ago in the jungles of Mexico, and its trajectory has many socio-economical, botanical, and archaeological impacts. Its journey as currency for the Aztecs to a favoured drink of aristocrats in Europe is indeed a fascinating one. A true lover of chocolate would enjoy a good book relating the journey of this most-loved luxury food item.

When it comes to true decadence and luxury, few things satiate the palate quite like chocolate. Chocolate gifts are ideal for chocolate-lovers, and with these ideas, you will be able to surprise and delight that special person in your life.