Best Christmas Hamper Ideas

Christmas is a time for giving, sharing and spending time with those that you care about – so why not give someone you care about a special gift? Or better yet, a Christmas hamper full of festive gifts that they’ll enjoy?

You won’t have to go out and buy pre-made gift baskets if you don’t want to; you could make one yourself and personalise to make it all the more special. Ready to see some of the best Christmas gift hamper ideas of them all?

Choosing the right kind of gift hamper

You can put almost anything into a gift hamper, making it special and unique. You could follow a theme (and at the festive season, why not make a Christmas themed hamper?), or just put in things that you think the receiver will like. There are other options outside of a standard hamper too, with nothing but your imagination (or the help of a good hamper company) holding you back.

Festive breakfast hampers

Nobody likes to wake up early, but if you give someone you care about a breakfast gift hamper, they’ll be able to relax in bed and enjoy everything you packed for them.

These are great for couples or families with older children, as getting up early isn’t always a top priority – but taking the time out to enjoy the holiday season is still important. From standard food options like cereal and orange juice to a pre-prepared smorgasbord of chilled meats and breads the options are endless, giving you all the creativity you need to make the best morning gift for someone special to you.

Sweet-filled Christmas gift baskets

At Christmas, who doesn’t go overboard with the tasty treats? The perfect gift or anyone with a sweet tooth is a basket full of sugary festive goods – and it also makes a great gift for those who like to indulge, too.

In these types of hampers you can include anything that’s both sweet and festive, such as sweets, chocolates, cakes, biscuits and anything else that you think the receiver of the gift would want. So, why not show a loved one how sweet you are by making them a gift hamper full of sugar for Christmas?

Christmas dinner hampers

If you know that someone will be cooking up a Christmas feast, why not help them out a little? Although you may not be able to cook the dinner for them, you can make a hamper based around the theme of Christmas dinner.

You can include recipes for cakes, ingredients, or even the turkey – as well as anything else you think the person you’re giving the basket to will find useful.

Luxury gift baskets

Not everyone has a big family dinner at Christmas. Some people prefer to relax over the festive season and if you know someone who works hard all year round, why not give them the opportunity to have a nice, relaxing day?

With a luxury gift hamper full of everything and anything needed for a day to remember (like chocolates, spa items, or champagne) you’re sure to add an element of serenity to the busiest time of the year.