About Cartwright & Butler

are now supplying Gift Hampers and Food Hampers from their factory shop!

The REAL FACTORY SHOP spends much of the year designing and producing seasonal gifts and hampers for major retailers, companies, clubs and charities as well as individuals. Bulk buyers will sometimes vary orders at short notice hence the need to remove the occasional production over-runs and surpluses; this then is the secret of how the factory can offer top quality and value while maintaining fearfully keen prices for our Gifts Hampers and other Food Christmas Hampers!

A wide range of Theme packs, hampers and gifts are made for celebrations, occasions and anniversaries, being produced to synchronise with a specific event and it is noticeable that just recently there have been more calls for our gifts. Traditional Christmas Food Hampers are successfully fulfilling the biggest demand through the exclusive use of own product, married with guest foods and non-foods. The Cartwright & Butler own product includes original Brandy-butter, monstrously munchy Short-bread, Mullings and Chocolate in addition to the range of delicious Preserves, Mustards, Chutneys and Biscuits and if the recent numerous requests for Mulled Wine are any indication we are in for some cold Christmas weather.

Packs for Golf or Gardening have always been popular, but even these are now being superseded by Organic packs under the “‘Goodness-box” category which also covers good health and well being with low sugar and low fat products.

There is now a realisation that giving standard gifts such as say, CANDLES has been a little over-done (burnt at both ends?) and possibly be just a bit boring, but pack them with aroma therapy bath oils etc. or serviettes and they make an attractive and welcome molly-coddling gift. Things like Mugs can also be more acceptable if presented and displayed as an elevenses or teatime pack with teabags, biscuits or chocolates. In fact giving a gift-pack can make a present less ordinary.

This Norfolk company has built a reputation for developing Bespoke Hampers and food gifts packs in a variety of containers in basketware, metal or wood, particularly Corporate Hampers for companies who will often order business hampers from our Christmas category, having introduced an ‘ADD-IN’ which might be a firms own product or a specific object to make the gifts very personal to the recipients.

Businesses these days seem to attach more importance to gift packs as rewards where pertinent and recently there has been an increase in special awards e.g. some managers say that overcoming ‘Error-terror’ (a result of decision making fear) as it has been named, is important and deserves some recognition – and gift packs meet that requirement. Many organisations fulfil their corporate social responsibility by ordering gift packs to support local activity and events. Clubs and charities are always looking at ways to increase income and are using more food hampers as competition prizes and in raffles.